Prepare 8 vegan meals in 75 minutes!

Stress-free meal prepping to help you enjoy healthy, delicious meals

step-by-step instructions

This meal prep guide includes easy-to-follow instructions with photos for each step.

grocery list & equipment list

Print the shopping list from this meal prep guide so you don't forget anything during your grocery trip.

save time

This meal prep guide is structured in a way that makes the most of your time! Only 75 minutes, and you'll be done for the next 4 days.

Does eating healthy feel like a lot of stress and hours of standing in the kitchen to you?

It doesn't have to! With meal prepping, you can save time and still eat healthy and delicious meals!  No more worrying what to make for dinner after a long day or eating boring meals.

  • Meal prepping saves time. Okay, it may feel like you spend even more time in the kitchen in the beginning, but once you have prepared everything, you don't need to worry about grocery shopping and cooking for the rest of the week. Instead, more time to spend with the people you love and doing what you love!
  • Meal prepping makes eating healthy a lot easier. All you gotta do is grab a prepped meal from the fridge, maybe heat it up and enjoy. No more take-outs or frozen meals because you're short on time.
  • Meal prepping take away stress. Honestly, there is no better feeling than coming home and your food is already ready! No more "what should I make for dinner?".

Sounds good? This 4-day vegan meal prep guide will make your next meal prep stress-free and so easy!

This is what fellow meal preppers who already tried this 4-day vegan meal prep guide said:

The meal prep guide helped me have healthy, ready-to-eat meals in my fridge, making the healthy option the easiest option!

This was the easiest and least expensive meal prep I’ve ever done. Sarah does a great job of laying out exactly what ingredients you’ll need, many of which are used for multiple dishes, reducing cost and waste. It was also super helpful that she organized the meal plan so you can basically cook everything simultaneously so it wasn’t time-consuming or overwhelming. She also created a series of checklists throughout the process to make sure you don’t forget anything. I highly recommend this for anyone who wants to do vegan meal prep but may not be sure where to start.


Hi, I am Sarah and I want to help you enjoy delicious and nourishing meals through stress-free meal prepping!

My passion is cooking (and eating) and my obsession is planning, and that's a perfect match when it comes to meal prepping.