Meal Plan for Busy Vegans

The food we eat is our fuel that takes us through the day. Yet, most of us have to juggle a busy job, family and kids, exercise and errands all while striving to cook healthy meals. This meal plan gives you a week of simple and healthy vegan meals that can be prepared in only 35 minutes a day.

Meal Plan for Busy Vegans: What you'll get

21+ simple and delicious vegan recipes

All recipes can be prepared in 25-30 minutes or less. They are healthy and refined-sugar free. You don’t need any fancy kitchen gadgets to prepare the meals, all you need is an oven, a few pots and a smoothie mixer/blender.

Adjustable from 1700 to 2300 kcal/day

Not everyone is the same. This meal plan takes into account that different people have different needs. You can adjust the daily calorie intake from 1700 to 2300.

Breakfast and lunch to-go

You are a busy person. Fortunately, that doesn’t mean you cannot enjoy a delicious breakfast and lunch each day. All meals for breakfast and lunch can be prepared the day ahead and to-go.

Spend 35 minutes or less each day

All meals are carefully coordinated and optimized. You only need to spend a maximum of 35 minutes each day in which you’ll cook a nutritious dinner and prepare breakfast and lunch for the next day.

Preview: What's included

  • meal plan shopping list
  • meal plan overview
  • how to use this meal plan guide
  • daily ingredient list
  • daily cooking and preparation instructions
  • 21+ individual recipes

Only $12.

  • 21+ simple, delicious and healthy vegan recipes
  • adjustable from 1700 to 2300 kcal/day
  • can be prepared in max 35 min/day