Hi there, I am Sarah.

Welcome to my blog!

First of all, I am so excited that you found your way to my blog!

A little bit about me ...

My name is Sarah and I am in my early 20s. I currently live in Frankfurt, Germany after having lived all over the place including Stuttgart, Manchester and Texas for the past 3 years. In January 2017 I decided to become vegetarian and since January 2018 I am following a vegan diet.

Why another food blog?

I started this blog in April 2018 because I want to share the experience and insights I gained during my transition to a fully plant-based diet with others ... like you!

I am convinced that vegan food can be simple, affordable and tasty all at the same time and in my blog I am showing you how. My mission is to inspire others and make tiny changes in this world one at a time.

Wow! You still want to know more? That's pretty awesome.

4 Random Facts about me

my (second) greatest passion is figure skating

I took my first figure skating lesson in 2016. One day I want to own one of those pretty sparkly dresses and feel like an ice princess.

I am a planning freak

I love planning so much that I start thinking about our christmas eve menu in November. Maybe I'm a bit crazy.

i used to be a picky eater

When I was little, I could not stand olives. One time I accidentally ordered olives at a sandwich place when I actually wanted onions and I realized it wasn't so bad.

country music is my jam

The first thing I do in the morning is tune in to Country Roads radio station. (Yes, it is probably a bit stereotypical given the fact that I have lived in Houston, Texas for 3 months.)