Vegan essentials

Kitchen equipment

Everything you need in your kitchen to get started preparing delicious vegan food.

I've had this blender for a couple of years now and use it pretty much every day. It's great to make nut butter, vegan cheese sauces, pestos or banana nicecream. I love the fact that the 500-ml container is big enough to make food for 2-4 people but also narrow enough to make small batches.

This mixer is great for making nicecream, thick smoothies and it even breaks down spinach for green smoothies. I also use it to make nut milk and almond/oat meal.

vegan staples

Essential vegan staples that I love and that shouldn't be missing in your kitchen.

Nutritional yeast is a deactivated yeast with a strong nutty, cheesy flavor. I love to use it on potato wedges, in cheese sauces, sprinkled on pasta or simply on avocado toast.

Liquid smoke is perfect for making vegan faux meat. You can use it to marinate tofu or add it to seitan to get that smokey flavor. A few drops is enough so this bottle literally lasts forever.

Cacao nibs are a healthy, sugar-free option to chocolate. It goes well on cereal, yogurt, granola and smoothie bowls.